Our company was in a growth mode and I knew I needed expertise. We needed help creating the right structure and bringing in the right people to support our growth. Beth has helped us create the right positions and bring in the right people.

I hit it off with Beth right away. Not only was she professional and experienced, she suggested good solutions from a business strategy perspective, as well as HR expertise. That’s hard to find and she has helped me find solutions to get me to a good position and where I need to be.

She helps me think through problems just by asking the right questions and coming up with suggestions and options. We bounce ideas off of one another and problem solve together.

I really value her insight and knowledge of business in general. She’s an HR expert with tremendous business acumen. She helps me with creative ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of.

She’s also helped with employee problems, recruiting, interviewing and hiring. Finding the right person is a huge benefit in so many ways. It saves me money and helps me avoid headaches. She has very strong interviewing skills with a sixth sense about people and has helped me avoid hiring the wrong people, as well as, finding the right ones.

I’m very satisfied with the work that Beth has done and continues to do for us. I would recommend her to any growing company.

Craig Jones

CEO/Owner // Groggy Dog Sportswear

We were growing and our HR service levels were well below the needs of our employees. We were doing acquisitions and the process to integrate them was broken, as was our recruiting process. These were problems that were literally keeping me up at night.

A year and a half ago, we had a need for a Vice President of Human Resources. However, what we needed was a higher skill level than we could afford. Beth provided a solution that was affordable, with a higher skill level and impact. As a result, we brought her on as a Fractional VP of HR to oversee the HR function.

About that time we did a couple of acquisitions. She was instrumental in onboarding them. Getting folks accustomed to our culture, getting them signed up with benefits, payroll, etc. At the same time, she was managing the day to day operations for HR.

In addition, I asked Beth to provide ongoing leadership training for our management team, supervisors and above. And asked her to be an Executive Coach for me personally, as well as several key members of my management team.

The impact that Beth has had on the company over the last year has been tremendous. First and foremost she filled the huge void when we didn’t have a Director of HR. She helped create a culture within the organization that focused us on getting things done.

She recruited and placed 2 C-suite executives among many other positions, saving us more than $100,000 in recruiting fees.

Her ability to assess a situation, put together a recommended solution and implement those solutions is remarkable.

As an Executive Coach, Beth is someone I can talk to about anything. She always gives good feedback without worrying about how to position it because I am the CEO of the company.

Her feedback is direct and honest, often not what I want to hear, but typically spot on to what I need to accomplish as the CEO.

The quality of the work that Beth does is outstanding. Her attention to detail, the speed with which she gets things done, the focus on achieving the specific objectives is always complete, accurate and timely.

The feedback I have received from my team has been outstanding. Most of my management team is young and inexperienced and had never had the opportunity to work with a senior level HR professional as both a trainer and a coach. Beth filled that need for my team. She has helped them grow both personally and professionally and ultimately it is benefiting the organization.

Beth is extremely easy to work with. She’s always approachable, always available, takes my phone calls at any time. Meets with me any time I ask. Is flexible in her hours to meet the needs of the organization. Quite frankly, a delight to work with. I would recommend Beth to other organizations and other CEOs that need these kinds of services.

She brings a wide range of experience that is very difficult to find in one individual within a small organization. We are a company of about 800 employees, so the depth of her experience is something we could not afford to bring in on our own. So, working with Beth has added real benefit to our organization and helped us move forward with our growth.

Bill Monast

President & CEO // National HME

Beth’s straightforward approach to training is extremely helpful for organizations who are looking to strengthen their management team. She shares a great deal of wisdom that is based upon firsthand experiences in the business world. I highly recommend her for any organization that has a desire to invest in the future by developing their leaders.

Tim Taylor

CEO // FreeFlight Systems

I loved the workshop.  I will definitely take these practices back to my work. Great steps for diffusing conflict. Kept the presentation moving. Got the audience involved. Her enthusiasm and non-monotone voice was very engaging. Beth was fantastic! Very useful and helpful.

Melanie S. Wilson

Survivor : President & CEO : Cancer Care

Cancer Care Services was fortunate enough to participate in a 4-hour Conflict Resolution workshop that was created and facilitated by Beth Jones, CEO of Leading Right.

Beth did an outstanding job of catering her presentation to our specific needs, based on several one-one pre-meetings with me. The workshop was interactive, relevant, meaty, and well-paced. In addition to developing above average workshop content, Beth presented the material extremely well. The 4 hours flew by!

I strongly recommend Beth and her workshops.

Deanna Stuart

Annual Giving Manager

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