• Fractional Vice President of Human Resources
Leverage depth of experience at a fraction of the cost. When you need Human Resources expertise, but don’t need someone at a Vice President level full time, this option is a great solution. Get advice on how to resolve employee conflicts, dealing with difficult or underperforming employees, and laying a foundation for your company’s growth. Help build a results oriented culture. Reduce recruiting costs. Drive efficiencies and cost savings by leveraging your greatest asset– your employees. Use executive coaching to build leadership skills, problem solve, and resolve team issues.

• Unconscious Bias Training
We all have unconscious biases, both positive and negative. They can come from things as simple as a movie that you’ve seen or been a part of who you have interacted with, or how you were raised. Unconscious bias goes back to our flight or fight reflex that tells the brain how to categorize people that we meet. This can be disadvantageous if a person is categorizing people incorrectly, from a new co-worker to a con man. This workshop teaches how to recognize unconscious biases and how to overcome them.

• Employee Engagement Surveys
Created and certified by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Foundation—measures employee engagement on 44 different points with benchmarking

• Customized Leadership Training Workshops
Teach your managers and other leaders how to lead effectively and successfully. From the basics like communicating with employees to delegation skills to how to identify and develop high potential employees and how to manage performance. Highly interactive and impactful in person training designed to grow your leaders (see full list of courses below). Focused, results oriented classroom training programs as a series or one class at a time. Class size is flexible

• One on one Executive Coaching
Accountability and results orientation is an excellent follow up to training

• Stress Management Training
Learn proven techniques to reduce stress for you and your employees. Improve your sleeping patterns. Understand the connection between stress and illness. Learn how to “reframe” negative thinking to reduce stress. Understand what causes stress and how to avoid it.


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