Beth Jones is a seasoned Employee Engagement Expert with 25 years of experience in progressively more responsible leadership positions. She is currently the CEO of Leading Right. With the focus on driving revenue and profitability results, she teaches leaders how to engage employees and optimize their talent. Leading Right provides leadership development and team building training for all levels of managers, across industries, and for all sizes of organizations.

Prior to founding Leading Right, Beth was the Vice President, Training and Communications for Safeguard Business Systems, a franchise organization. With Safeguard for 9 years, she also held the prior position of Vice President, Human Resources.

She was also Vice President, Human Resources for Mosaic Sales Solutions, Sr. Director, Human Resources for Things Remembered, and Director, Training and Development for Famous Footwear.

Having built and managed many high functioning teams, her passion is helping leaders learn how to be most effective in leading their teams. Her training emphasizes not only the WHAT to do, but more importantly, the HOW to do it RIGHT! Thus, the name of her company, Leading Right.

She is frequently sought out to speak as an Employee Engagement Expert on a variety of topics such as Linking Strategy to Leadership, Communication, Accountability, Delegation, Conflict Resolution, etc. In addition, working directly with the senior management of an organization, she specializes in needs analysis, customized training solutions, and achieving sales and profit results.

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